Smart Holmes Company Brand

Smat-Holmes-Branding-KitSmart Holmes owner just happened to be a good friend of mine from high school, and now was venturing out on his own after working for other high end tech installers. He needed a Logo, Business Cards, among other goodies for client that like to be pampered.

The logo was obviously first and he had a good idea of what he wanted, which sometimes can be challenging, when the client has an "idea", but his thoughts were very do-able, and translated into a very clean branding. His main focus was high end electronic systems for high end homes, and his last name being Holmes, it just fit. I incorporated the H into the base of the house "brand-stamp", and the power button into the company name, which was one of the main suggestions by Nick.

Over all, it the project came out to my own satisfaction, as well as the clients, and  I still get calls from him every so-often, to do smaller projects, because he knows that BadDog can keep his brand identity cohesive.



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